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Cloud Platform to Create and Manager Web Systems, POS, E-Commerces, Landing Pages, Blogs, Vlogs, +70 Plug-ins, and more... Works on all Mobiles and PCs, for the most varied branches of business.

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Published 13/12/2023 Modified 18:44:52 (4d) days ago Modified 12/01/2024

CWS Central Web Systems

We are web software developers, we love technology and the service we perform daily.

We work with cutting-edge Web 3.0 technologies, Cloud Servers, Omnichannel Systems, PWA Applications that guarantee compatibility and responsiveness across the entire ecosystem of devices and operating systems that are accessing, IOT Systems, Raspberry Integration for Sales Totems and Service Totems, Printers Thermal thermals and much more explore us;

Suitable for customers.

The systems cover most areas of commercial and non-commercial business.
It is suitable for businesspeople and entrepreneurs who are selling products or services over the internet or in physical stores or providing services, online quotes, booking appointments in service rooms.

Support Services.

Access the Security Guide in 2024, how to protect yourself on the internet.

You can call our technical support team through the ticket system, clicking on the Support Button located at the top right of our page

Education, patience and partnership are requirements for faster resolution of any problem by our support team.

We do not provide services such as formatting computers and cell phones, installing Windows, configuring networks, installing and configuring printers, registering products, making settings in your system admin, registering a user account in payment systems, Google Play, creating of new emails.

Accidents happen and most problems are due to incorrect use of the system or malfunctioning of the network infrastructure, computers and cell phones of your business, make sure your problem is not cataloged in our help area, Link Known Problems.

Link Known Problems

Our service is provided through our support system via tickets, online chat and Customer Help Area, during business hours.

Many businesses need help to be builded.
Call a friend or hire the services of a specialized professional.

Hosting and Domain Registration Services.

By registering a .com domain for your business, you ensure that your company has a more striking professional presence on the internet and opens up possibilities to access other services such as personalized emails with your business name, your own app on Google Play and a lot more.


Connection Encrypted by SSL (https) Lets Encrypt.

All systems protected by user registration, Login and Password function, with password recovery functions, user creation via form.

All Hosting Plans

The Creator Tool.

The Creator Tool is an online Platform for creating Web Applications and Systems such as landing pages, virtual stores and the exclusive Caixa Web 3.0, a system for sales in physical stores and an online store in a single system.

[Only a valid email address required]

Create Easily in a minute and Free Trial for 15 days.

[ image the tool creator ]

How to access your system?

When creating a new system in the Creator Tool, access and additional information will be sent to your email.

The Systems Panel List.

All created projects can be managed in the project list on your Systems Panel.

You can Manage your project by clicking the edit button. [ Image 1 above ]
You can Access β€œThe Front” in your project by clicking the button.[ Image 2 above ]
You can access your project by clicking the button.[ Image 3above ]

[ image 1 - Manage your projects ]

[ Image 2 - The Front Access by clicking the button ]

[ Image 3- The Admin Access by clicking the button ]

System access links.

Whenever you create a new system, 2 access links are generated and sent to your email when creating new projects.

Links to the system hosted at CWS.

Front Area
Password: password321
Login is via user email + password

Administration Area
login: joaoadmin
Password: password321
Login is performed via username + password

Link to the system hosted on Your Domain.

The Front Area

Administration Area

All Hosting Plans

Standard functions on all systems.

User management with compartmentalized security.
Total control and management of privileges for access to areas of the system among administrator users, managers, customers and employees, which guarantee a modular and secure production system.

Administration Area.
It is an internal area of the system, all systems have an administrative area where only you or your managers can access to register information about services provided, product registration, company information such as logo, address, telephone, email and much more ...

Front Area.
It is an external area of the system.
The front of the website, front of the virtual store or front of the point of sale, cash register and counter sales.

Front of website systems (landing pages).
Where customers are presented (generally) with information about services provided by your company, characterized by functions such as contact pages, form for requesting quotes, scheduling appointments for service.

The front of standard virtual store systems.
Where customers are presented with information about the products sold by the company.

Front of Cash Register Web 3.0 systems.
Where employees are presented with sales and ordering functions and tools at the Cash Register or Sales and Online Sales Counter.

In Cash Register Web 3.0 Systems's "The Front" is divided into up to 5 types of users or "Fronts" with different access, understand:

🟠 Online Customers - sales and orders made online, can place and view orders and products.
🟠 Cash Register Users - physical store , full access to sales and order functions.
🟠 Users Sellers - physical store , sales counter physical store - waiters, access to sales and orders placed.
🟠 Motoboy users - physical and online store, access to delivery list with map.
🟠 Kitchen Users - physical store , if restaurants access to the list of Kitchen Orders and Products.
🟠 Copa Users - physical store , if restaurants access to the list of Copa Orders and Products
🟠 Debitors - physical store , this user dont have access, this accounts are to credits or debtors close customer clients, just the Cash Register Users are able to approve a orders at a Debtors Acconts .

There are 7 users with different access privileges, therefore 7 different "Fronts" in this example of a restaurant system.



How to Buy the License?

After testing and choosing the plan that best fits your business, click on the option (check box) on the edit project page and choose the plan, you will be redirected to the information page, click on the buy button and proceed with the process. purchase until the end.