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Cloud Platform to Create and Manager Web Systems, POS, E-Commerces, Landing Pages, Blogs, Vlogs, +70 Plug-ins, and more... Works on all Mobiles and PCs, for the most varied branches of business.

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Exclusive 3 in 1 Point of Sales (web 4.0) System, Virtual Stores or Landing Pages, Application already included in all Systems. No Credit Card required.

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Complete Pet Shop System Manager
     Point Of Sales
Central Web
Ver 1.0.0    2024


Restaurant System Manager
     Point Of Sales
Central Web
Ver 1.0.0    2024

Functions and Extensions

SaaS Software

Cloud Based Applications, Access from anywhere, Always Updated

Exclusive Point Of Sale 4.0 Systems

3 in 1 Systems Unleashing The Power Of Omnichannel Point Of Sale (POS) Systems In The Cloud Era

50+ Thermal Printers

Support for 50+ Thermal Printers - Total administration and control of printers

User access hierarchy

Administration and total control of the Hierarchy of Users in the system, between administrators, employees and customers.

Manager Product Stock

Complete Product Registration - with options manager, stock, creation of promotions, images

APP Multi Platform

Works in multiple mobile system like android, ios, raspbian, windows, linux, apple ios desktops

Multi Currency System

Works in multiple Currency in the ordering and administration area

Multi Language System

Works in multiple languages in the ordering and administration area

Multi Browses

Works in All Browses like Firefox - Google Chrome - Microsoft Edge - Opera

WhasApp API

Send orders direct to your WhasApp customers API

Facebook API

Share you products or service in facebook bussiness

Google API

Share you or service Google Market Place in seconds

+Cloud +POS +E-Commerce

Integrated Point Of Sales Functions and E-commerce Functions in only one system

Android and IOS App Mobile

Native Application Compatible with All Browsers and Operating Systems such as - Linux - Windows - Android - Apple IOS and others.

Native Desktop App

Compatible with All Browsers of any Operating Systems such as - Linux - Windows - Android - Apple IOS and others operation systens softwares

Works Anywhere !

Use in your Desktop PC or Notebook or in Any Device like T.V, Tablets, Mobiles

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Help Center

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Plataform Exploration

Save 35% on Year Plan
  • Chat and Ticket Support
  • 5 Admin
  • 1000 Products
  • 1gb storage
  • unLimited Functions

to Starter Business

Save 35% on Year Plan
  • Chat and Ticket Support
  • 15 Admin
  • 2000 Products
  • 3gb storage
  • unLimited Functions
Most Popular

to Growing Business

Save 35% on Year Plan
  • Chat and Ticket Support
  • unLimited admin
  • 5000 Products
  • 5gb storage
  • unLimited Functions

to Especialized Business

Save 35% on Year Plan
  • Especialized Support
  • unLimited admin
  • unLimite Products
  • 30gb storage
  • unLimited Functions

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System Last Updates

detect and suggest the user correctly language and currency 01/12/2024 13:17:36 Added New function to detect and suggest the user correctly language and currency. the language is detected by user browser default language .The currency CWS prices , are billed in the same country locate where your business are located. For example, if your nationality is Portuguese but your business is in the United States, then your project will be charged in USD.
01/11/2024 11:53:21 Hello, we are launching the new system documentation, its Already online from the help center menu link . We thank everyone for patience and wish a prosperous 2024 to all customers!
Emails Library Updated 12/09/2023 19:32:10 Hello, we decided to change the email manager library, this service took 1 week to complete, we updated the system alert emails which are in the testing period, several adjustments to the CWS html were also made. We wish you all a great weekend.
Design and coding adjustments 11/29/2023 16:14:04 Hello, today we made design and coding adjustments to the CWS products page, the video accordion module is now working perfectly without interfering with the css of other modules installed on the same page. [ ] 's
Adjustments to the plans page, 11/27/2023 14:27:44 Adjustments to the plans page, added video on how to subscribe to a plan, small additions to the translation
Translations made in the systems area 11/24/2023 14:40:16 Several words were translated in the area of system management, design adjustments, and pointing out links to the correct tutorials. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving! [ ]'s
New Functions 11/23/2023 15:37:12 Hi, new function are added to CWS, now are possible to create new projects from first page, new tutorials are added and can be acessed by us docs area. Tnks. [ ]'s
menus updates 11/11/2023 12:28:03 We change the design Menus .
Plans sections update 11/09/2023 18:20:20 hi, today we made some adjustaments ate Plans sections and made values updates. [ ]'s
More Chat Updates 11/08/2023 10:06:59 Add new functions at admins functions in chat plugin
Chat and Plans Updates 11/07/2023 13:28:37 Chat Design Updates and Plans section Updates
Several Updates has done 10/22/2023 14:08:10 Several Updates has done at languages, sys creator, and design of pos and ecommerce base systems
CWS Updates 10/14/2023 03:15:01 Lang Translate Updates, Front Designs changes, correct categories images plans
Added new admin emails design 10/10/2023 20:27:24 Added new admin emails design
? Scheduling Time and Date inputs 09/21/2023 16:44:18 ? The Scheduling Time and Date inputs, now are auto-formated inputs. ? #petshop #petshopsystems #pos #pointofsales #pointofsalessystem #ecommerce #systems #websystems
Add New Function all systems 2 09/20/2023 16:28:46 Add New Function all systems 2
Add New Function 09/20/2023 16:27:54 Add New Function all systems
Icons Editables admin options 09/20/2023 16:08:30 New Function added to first page icons, now is possible change the Icons via admin settings options
Layout Adjustments 09/18/2023 12:30:17 We made Adjustments in product, catalog and Preparation Area page lists, the edit buttons are positionated at the first option in layout.
Laucher New version off platform CWS 07/29/2023 10:31:43 Laucher New version off platform CWS, many correction and new features are made in this new version.

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